As a teacher at Woodbury High School, I want to thank you for coming and speaking to our students yesterday; they loved it and seemed to get a lot from it. I wanted to share a quote that I believe is apt for you if you don’t already know it. Every day I posted a “quote of the day” on my blackboard for my students.

Yesterday’s quote was a Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” I think it’s particularly apt for your story and the message you share with students; life’s going to knock you down, but you have to rise above it each time. And you certainly have!

Thanks again for sharing your message,

Steven Delaney
Teacher, Woodbury High School

Reggie Dabbs is truly an inspiring individual. His story brought tears to several of my staff members. Throughout the show faces were lighting up with laughter and surprise as Reggie played his saxophone and encouraged everyone’s participation. Great show with a great message.

JoAnne Rumpf
Radix Elementary School

My students and staff were immediately captivated by Reggie’s “big” personality. Learning life lessons was never so much fun- imbedded in toe-tapping music, inspirational messages, and genuine excitement.

Students were engaged from the moment they entered the auditorium. They responded enthusiastically to the opportunities to interact with Reggie and his music.

Reggie’s program is awesome!

Jill DelConte
Principal Oak Knoll Elementary School

Thank you so much for coming to Wharton and sending such a strong message to my students. It was electrify to watch, listen and absorb. The students throughout the day today have been finding me and sharing their thoughts. You are one great person and had good words for all the students. I am hopping that we can have you come back again! Thank you for all you do in a very professional and organized way.

Marcie Scholl
Drop Out Prevention Specialist, Paul R. Wharton High School

Guest STRONG MAN Jon Pritikin gave an unforgettable presentation about bullying. Besides impressing the students with his enormous strength (ripping apart phone books, curling iron pan—a feat which has earned him citation in the Guinness Book of World Records, hoisting students up in the air for a helicopter spin, and bending an iron bar in his teeth) Pritikin touched their hearts with his true story of being a victim of bullying. His message was also shared during a special Sayville Middle School’s Family Night presentation.

Sayville Middle School

Youth Alliance offers comprehensive prevention programs that will cater the needs of your school/community. They offer well rounded programs with district wide assemblies and family nights that address bullying, healthy relationships, self esteem, and good decision making (just to name a few). Preston is extremely professional and responsive in meeting any request your district may have. The speakers are dynamic, captivating, flexible and most importantly relatable/approachable to the student body. Once they come to your school, you will want them to come back every year!

Colleen Cech
SAC, West Deptford Middle School

Seth delivered a powerful, motivating message to all our students and was able to modify his presentation to an early elementary level. The students loved interacting with Seth and being active participants throughout the program!

Ryan M. Dougherty
Principal Oakview Elementary School (West Deptford School District)

Seth just left Red Bank, and he was excellent. As any first grade teacher will attest, to hold the attention of a 6-year old for more than 10 minutes is no easy task, and the kids were captivated for the entire 45-minutes. Seth brought the content down to an appropriate developmental level, and I have no doubt that the message was well received and memorable.

Jon Cohen
Red Bank Elementary School (West Deptford School District)

I wanted to let you know what an impact you made on our students yesterday at Fairfield Township School. Your message and
“rule” regarding no student sitting alone at the lunch table was well received by a couple of our 5th graders. A group of girls went over to a girl that always sits alone , and really struggles, and asked her to sit with them today. The look of excitement on her face and the fact that the teachers took quick notice of it speaks volumes to your message. Additionally, almost every staff member I have seen today commented on what an excellent message you bring. Congratulations to you on making our students feel SPECIAL! We at Fairfield School are grateful for the impact you made and for taking your time to speak to our students. Thank you also for the positive message that you delivered to our parents last night as well. They too appreciate the positive message. All the best as you continue your tour.

Thank you again!

Jeff Ortman
Assistant Principal, Fairfield Township School

The Youth Alliance has come to our school for two years now.  TYA  has been highly accommodating.  Both of the presenters we have hosted were very popular with our students and communicated a positive character development message. We plan to continue our association with The Yourth Alliance next year and for years to come.

Dr. Hourani
Camden County Technical School

This is the second time we used The Youth Alliance.  They were dependable, professional, and worked to meet our school’s needs.  Seth Franco kept the students’ attention and was entertaining while delivering his message.

Dawn Sponheimer

Youth Alliance always provides outstanding speakers.  Jon Pritikin captured everybody’s attention.  The community response was tremendous.  My staff was speechless and very appreciative of the message he delivered.  Next year we will be bringing back Youth Alliance for the school district.

Tom Murray
Principal, Sayville Middle School
An important message delivered in a positive, fun, and interactive way.  Thanks for being an inspiration, Seth! An awesome presentation that kept the student’s attention from beginning to end! Seth Franco was a dynamic presenter who got his message across by his amazing ability to connect with our students. Seth took a familiar message and made it personal by telling his own story.  The kids loved it!


Mrs. Snyder
Highland High School

Jon was over the top!! My students all spoke about him again today. Some of the students responses were awesome he can break and bend items, was bullied beat up and he worked through it to become a hero! I loved his presentation he didn’t preach he just told stories and the students absorbed the various meanings behind his stories. He was a powerful speaker while engaging all students.

Kate Eubanks

Seth Franco & The Youth Alliance truly exceeded our expectations!!!  Seth presented on the topic of Bullying with passion and a feeling of heart.  He exuded energy & enthusiam with confidence and control.  He related to the students with his own story.  Our family night was a huge success

Don Palmucci
Student Assistance Coordinator/Homeless Liaison/Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Pennsville School District

Seth Franco is a dynamic speaker who is able to make a connection with students across all grade levels.  His presentation is engaging, pointed, and interactive; certainly something I would like to offer to my students again.

Matthew D. McFarland
Principal, Pennsville Memorial High School

Today we had the privilage of having Seth Franco as a speaker. He was able to capture the attention of our middle schoolers with his very powerful message and his engaging performance. After 17 years as a ParaProfessional in the school system this presentation today was by far the best that I have ever been lucky to witness. Thank you so much!

Sharon Diaz
Horizon Academy At Marion Oaks

I just wanted to take some time you thank you for sending Seth Franco to speak to our school today. He did an amazing job and all the students were excited and attentive (which is hard to do with middle school).

Michelle Garay
Farnell Middle School

Sterling HS is so very pleased with the outcome of this morning’s Student Assemblies. We anticipate and equally wonderful “Family Night “ with Seth as well. Seth is a talented and engaging presenter who is able to captivate his audience while sending a powerful message…. Thank you for making a difference!

Your program is everything you promised, and more…………….

Mary-Jo Eppright
Sterling High School

Our school just had Jon Pritikin present today. He was amazing! All of our students were focused and engaged from the beginning until the end. He also served as our keynote speaker during our family night event. We had nothing but positive comments all night long!

Joe Camardo
Veterans Memorial School - Principal

We just had the assembly with Seth and the students enjoyed it tremendously. I have been a teacher here in Pennsville for the past 35 years and it was at the top of the list. His presentation was great and the message to the kids about bullying was clear. Everyone had a great time!

John Maniglia
Pennsville Middle School

I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful presentations you did for us at Triton high school.

Both the students and teachers have told me it was the best, most effective program on bullying that we ever had in the history of assembly programs at our school.

Many thanks and Blessings,

Holly Fertel
Student Assistance Coordinator Triton high school, NJ

Seth Franco was dynamic! He captured our students from beginning to end. Utilizing his basketball talents, humor, audience participation, and statistics relative to bullying he got across a very important message to our students. Students in grades 9-12 stated “This is one of the best assemblies we have had”!

Elizabeth Petitte
Principal at Highland High School
A student came up to me the day after the Reggie Dabbs presentation. “You said I could always talk to you, right?” Absolutely, I replied. The student then told me about his experience with the presentation. He said he had been praying for help. He had just found out some news at home and his world was crashing down around him. He felt betrayed and not sure if he wanted to trust anyone. “Then this guy came and I listened to him, and I realized there were people around me that cared.” I was able to send him to guidance and get him the help that he needed to make sense of the chaos that was unfolding. I am truly grateful for Mr. Dabbs to have talked that day, because he gave my student hope.
Jennifer Walker
Green Hope High School

I have surveyed staff and students and the overwhelming majority say that your “Real Relationships” program was probably the best program we have ever had at SLMS. The teachers want you to come back and share with our other grade levels because your story was so compelling and of high interest to our population of middle schoolers.

Betsy Bridges
Principal - SanLee Middle School