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Bullying is a complex, multi-dimensional phenomenon. There is no single script to address bullying, but it requires comprehensive, ongoing approaches. For more than a decade, South Jersey Youth Alliance (SJYA) has partnered with schools to educate and empower students, faculty and the community. We provide school districts with anti-bullying services customized to suit any range of needs and aligned with research-based anti-bullying support and intervention systems.
Bullying is a whole-school problem – everyone is responsible if bullying behavior is not addressed, and everyone has an important part to play in creating an anti-bullying school environment.  Recognizing the need for a team-based approach to the problem, SJYA offers the following services:
  • – Heroes and Mentors assembly presentations for students
  • – Staff development workshops
  • – Family/community nights
  • – K-12 anti-bullying lessons, including activities for an anti-bullying week


South Youth Alliance (SJYA) presents top quality school assemblies at public, private and alternative schools. Our presenters, are highly qualified and recognized throughout the world. The presenters encourage youth to excel in life by making better choices, and empower them to believe they can accomplish their dreams. If you would like to schedule an assembly, please contact The Youth Alliance (TYA) at 1-888-480-SJYA or email at
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Heroes and Mentors encourages young people to have a long term vision for their lives, in order to make current choices leading to life, hope and purpose. The presentations discuss the importance of making positive decisions, as well as the importance of becoming a leader. These presentations also address issues such as bullying, substance abuse, suicide, STD’s, and other important issues facing our youth. The message of Heroes and Mentors is, “the choices we make dictate the life we lead.” The presenters of Heroes and Mentors engage the audience as they discuss the importance of creating a positive vision for the future. We challenge youth to make positive choices and become leaders within their communities.
Assembly programs can include one or more of the following themes:
That’s How I Roll
If you like you, others will like you too. Take it further than “don’t be a follower” by sharing how to be a leader.
Get Your Back Up Off the Wall
Emotional health concerns like stress, anxiety, and depression plague youth. Let’s share uplifting, real stories to discover that we all share common struggles and reinforce that there is support available and hope for the future.
Using, Not Losing Your Mind
Poor role models undermine the importance of education. Our speakers connect with participants where they are, help examine priorities, and elevate the importance of education.
More than the Mirror
Mass media sends conflicting messages on healthy body image and self-worth. We will tackle destructive thought and behavior patterns that commonly result from false beliefs.
Right Relationships
This topic tackles peer pressure, hanging with the wrong crowd, and handling “Frien-emies”. Relationships are the platform for many choices. We will provide tools to help you evaluate the relationships in your life and deal with unhealthy relationships.
Getting Your Grub On Nutritiously
Making healthy eating choices for your body and overall well being.
Livin’ the Dream
Don’t just exist from one day to the next. Look ahead to all your future possibilities. The first step to going anywhere is to set goals, have purpose, and then enjoy the ride.
Not on My Watch
Bullying is everybody’s problem – victim, perpetrator, and bystander. Let’s address this issue from every standpoint so that you are equipped to handle negative situations and create a healthier environment for everyone.
Can’t Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future
Why dwell on past circumstances or failures? Be a better person by learning from the bumps in the road, making better choices today, and steering onto the path of success.
Been There, Done That
Sports celebrities share the successes and challenges on their journey of life, providing motivation and skills for successfully navigating your way to the future.
Long Sleeves & Tears
Cutting and self-injury are unhealthy ways to cope with problems. Our speakers provide a better understanding of this dangerous behavior and discuss safer, more healing ways to deal with pain.