April 2014

With the first quarter of 2014 already behind us, The Youth Alliance is working hard to keep up with increasing programming demands.  We have been serving school districts and families around the country along with hosting our annual men’s breakfast with David Akers and Markus Thomas.  Schools consistently report that families are positively impacted and connected to support services as a result of our comprehensive programs.  These programs include Choices, Anti-Bullying, and Healthy Relationship programs with Seth Franco, Phill Brake, Preston Centuolo, Reggie Dabbs, Vai Sikahema, Chris Hollyfield and Darin MacDonald.  We have served in 17 states speaking to hundreds of thousands of students and their families.  To catch a glimpse of our services, check out the pictures and videos below and follow us on Facebook.  Of course, thank you for your continued support, we could never do this without your help.

Check this and other events out at www.theyouthalliance.com

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