December 2013

First, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season.  As 2013 draws to an end, we are still energized after eleven busy but productive weeks of schools with speakers including Seth Franco, Jon Pritikin, Reggie Dabbs, Chris Hollyfield, Phill Brake and Preston Centuolo. We served 31 school districts and cities, presenting to all K-12 students and then parents during evening family nights.  We had over 10,000 attend family nights this fall which is a new record for TYA. Below are some comments from administrators, students and families about the impact of our presentations along with several photos of our programs.  If you wish to follow us daily please follow and like The Youth Alliance on Facebook and see what we’re doing day by day as we serve the community. Check out this and other events at

“Youth Alliance offers comprehensive prevention programs that will cater the needs of your school/community. They offer well rounded programs with district wide assemblies and family nights that address bullying, healthy relationships, self esteem, and good decision making (just to name a few). Preston is extremely professional and responsive in meeting any request your district may have.  The speakers are dynamic, captivating, flexible and most importantly relatable/approachable to the student body.  Once they come to your school, you will want them to come back every year!”
– Colleen Cech, SAC, West Deptford Middle School

“Hi, I am currently a 15 year old freshman at Washington township high school!! I truly wanted to say your an inspiration and god bless you and your family and I truly thank you for being an inspiration to me and my family!”

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“Youth Alliance always provides outstanding speakers.  JonPritikin captured everybody’s attention.  The community response was tremendous.  My staff was speechless and very appreciative of the message he delivered.  Next year we will be bringing back Youth Alliance for the school district.”
Tom Murray Principal

“Jon was over the top!! My students all spoke about him again today. Some of the students responses were awesome he can break and bend items, was bullied beat up and he worked through it to become a hero! I loved his presentation he didn’t preach he just told stories and the students absorbed the various meanings behind his stories. He was a powerful speaker while engaging all students.”
Kate. Teacher
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“Seth just left Red Bank, and he was excellent. As any first grade teacher will attest, to hold the attention of a 6-year old for more than 10 minutes is no easy task, and the kids were captivated for the entire 45-minutes. Seth brought the content down to an appropriate developmental level, and I have no doubt that the message was well received and memorable.”
– Jon Cohen, Red Bank Elementary School (West Deptford School District)
“Seth delivered a powerful, motivating message to all our students and was able to modify his presentation to an early elementary level. The students loved interacting with Seth and being active participants throughout the program!”
-Ryan M. Dougherty, Principal Oakview Elementary School (West Deptford School District)
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“Reggie Dabbs is truly an inspiring individual. His story brought tears to several of my staff members. Throughout the show faces were lighting up with laughter and surprise as Reggie played his saxophone and encouraged everyone’s participation. Great show with a great message.”

Mrs. JoAnne Rumpf, Principal
Radix Elementary School